Specify a validation table

  1. Using Manager, open the invoice profile, make sure it is inactive, and then open the field profile.
  2. Click Table validation.
  3. In Table type, select which kind of table you want to use for field validation:
  4. Select the source:
    • If you are using a Kofax ReadSoft Invoices table, select a table name in the Table name box.

    • If you are using a text file, type a file name in the Table file box, or browse to the file.

    • If you are using an ODBC connection, type the name of the ODBC database in the Data source edit box.

  5. Optional: Select Active validation. (If no table is specified as above, then active validation is not used, even if you select it. However, the table specified in steps 2 and 3 is used even if you do not select Active validation.)
  6. Save the field profile.