Filter type

Use the Filter type box to apply a background filter.

Fine-grained Removes backgrounds with fine lines or a light color such as light gray, yellow or pastel blue.
Coarse-grained Removes backgrounds with coarser lines or dots. It also works on some types of patterns.
Pattern Removes continuous background patterns. This filter can also be used on coarse lines.
Invert Inverts fields that have inverted text, for example, white text inside a solid black background. Draw the filter inside the background area.
Despeckle Removes areas that have tiny black specks or dots on them. It removes specks that are one pixel or a few pixels in size.
Erase Removes text or images that are close to the title, image, or field that you want to interpret.
Color Filters colored or grayscale fields that do not appear properly on the black and white invoice image. How to use.
Lines Removes horizontal lines from the invoice image. If the line intersects text, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices tries to reconstruct the text.