Kodak (ATP) scanner settings when used with ISIS

For introductory information, please see Advanced scanner settings: ISIS settings.

Save image address When this option is selected, Scan saves the image addresses from Kodak scanners in tag no. 269.

Format: RollNo.IA_FIXED.IA_1.IA_2.IA_3

(IA = image address level)

Do not display start dialog Some Kodak scanners have a start button that you must press to start them. Kofax ReadSoft Invoices normally shows a dialog that prompts the user to press this button. To skip the prompt, select Do not display start dialog. You must still press the start button, but the reminder is not shown. If you do not press the start button within a certain amount of time, a different message tells you that the scanner is out of paper.
Feeder offset (mm) Moves an image sideways to compensate for ill-positioned pages. This option affects all scanned invoices. Specify in millimeters how far the image is to be moved from center. Both positive and negative integers are acceptable. The maximum value depends on which scanner you are using.

An alternative to using this setting is to physically adjust the scanner’s document feeder.

Enhance image Activates an algorithm to use on the image. The options are:

Low pass: Enhances images that contain dot matrix text and/or shaded or colored backgrounds. Reduces background noise.

Band pass: Enhances text in an image. Typically used for documents that contain only textual information. Reduces background noise.

High pass: Enhances the fine details of an image. Typically used to accentuate the detail contained in a continuous tone image such as a photograph, or an image that contains very small print that is to be interpreted. May accentuate background noise.

Remove noise Select this option to remove noise automatically. Then choose one of the noise filters. The options are: Lone pixel, Majority rule.
Thresholding Select this option to activate dynamic thresholding. Then choose the threshold level. Normally the value stands for number of pixels (expressed as a percentage) that must be set (black) in order for an area to be considered black.