Interpret new invoices

Whenever you process an invoice, Interpret tries to match it to an existing invoice definition. If the invoice is new (from a new supplier ), no invoice definition exists, and the invoice is unidentified at first.

Create a new invoice definition and identifier definitions

Interpret processes the new invoice and creates a new invoice definition according to the settings in the invoice profile.

Interpret compares the invoice with invoice profiles and tries to find identifiers on the invoice that correspond to the identifier profiles. If more than one field proposal is found for an identifier, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices uses the first one.

If Interpret succeeds in finding the required identifiers on the new invoice, Interpret creates a new invoice definition and identifier definitions.

If Interpret cannot find all of the required identifiers, Interpret creates a new invoice definition with identifier definitions for the identifiers it found. You have to optimize the other identifiers using Optimize.

Create field definitions

Interpret then tries to find the fields that correspond to the field profiles. Each field profile results in a field definition, which includes field positions and information needed to find the correct field information the next time an invoice of this type (i.e. from this supplier ) is processed.

However, Interpret cannot always find all the fields on the new invoice. If this happens, you can optimize these fields using Verify or Optimize, so that Interpret can locate the fields in the future.