Interpret image files

You can use Interpret to interpret supported image files. Note that this is not the same as interpreting images from the Scan module. When you use the Scan module (Internal), Scan has already saved the images in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' database. When you interpret image files (Import invoice image files), the images have not entered the system yet (see note).

To interpret multi-page invoices or invoices with appendices, the images must be in multi-image files.

  1. Open or create the job description.
  2. Select the Source settings for the Interpret job description.
  3. Select Import invoice image files as the invoice source.
  4. Click Configure and specify the source directory and other instructions.
  5. If the image files you want to interpret do not have TIFF format, choose another type from the Files of type list box. You can edit the Files of type specification.
  6. Click OK in the Configure image file source and destinations dialog.
  7. Click References and specify what happens to reference files during transfer.
  8. Click OK to close the Job description dialog.
  9. If you are working in the Invoice profiles object bar, save the invoice profile.
    Note The job described above cannot be used to reinterpret the image files that are imported or captured from email using Collector using it, after document separation has been corrected, for example. A different job description must be created for this purpose.