The Definition update dialog

This dialog is displayed after you change an invoice profile that is used in production. Specify how the new or edited fields are to be handled in existing invoice definitions.

Note invoiceinvoice profile settings form part of invoice definitions. See Field profile settings that are saved in invoice definitions.

For example, if you change the Format setting in an invoice profile that is used in production, you can apply the change to the invoice definition, as well, when you save the invoice profile. However, if you change the Rotation setting, you cannot apply the change to the invoice definition, because this setting is not included in invoice definitions.

Field name Use this box to select the fields you changed or added. For each field, review and change the following settings.
Not learned  This setting appears when you change a field. Select it to change the field status on your existing invoice definitions to Not learned. The field will be relearned the next time it is encountered by Interpret. Recommendation: Use Optimize to relearn invoices that use the field.
Inactive This setting appears when you add a new field. Select it to make the field inactive on your existing invoice definitions.
Note Starting with Kofax ReadSoft Invoices 5-6, an important change was made compared to previous versions: Inactive amount fields, which were previously transferred with the value 0.00, now contain a null value like other kinds of inactive fields, such as text fields.
Update field definition Select a box in this column for each field setting that you want updated in your existing invoice definitions.