Specify page properties for invoices when they are scanned

This functionality is provided in connection with the ScanInfo component.

Page properties, such as the ability to scan only front pages or front and back pages, to specify if invoices contain more than one page, and/or to specify which scanner description to use can all be presented to the Scan operator when invoices are scanned.

They are added to a Scanning settings section in the Additional information dialog the Scan operator sees when the job opens.

Important!: Note that using these settings when invoices are scanned can change the job description (see below).

Do the following to allow Scan operators to be able to select various page-property settings for invoices when they are scanned:

  1. In Manager, click Settings > ScanInfo configuration.
  2. Click Add and select Page properties from the list.
  3. In the Selected scan dialog parts dialog, click Page properties and then click Edit.
  4. The following settings can be specified:
    • Select Show multi-page selection to make the Multi-page or appendices option available to the Scan operator when the job opens. If the operator selects it, the Multi-page invoices or invoices with appendices option in the job description is updated at runtime. Also select Multipage default value if you want this option to be selected by default in the dialog when the scan job opens.
    • Select Show scanner description list to add a dropdown list to the Additional information dialog containing the scanner descriptions defined here. Do the following for each scanner description you want to add to the list:
      1. Click Add.
      2. Select the desired scanner description from the Scanner description dropdown list.
      3. Type a name under Display name for the name displayed in the dropdown list in the Additional information dialog.
      4. Click OK.
    • Select Use barcode separation (codetype set in job description) if the operator needs to be able to use barcodes to separate multi-page invoices.

    • Select Save back image on all pages for doublesided so the operator can save an image for the back page of each invoice. If selected, duplex scanning is used in the job description.
  5. Specify the default action for what is displayed in the Scanner settings section of the Additional information dialog by selecting one of the following options:
    • Do not save last selection - the box is empty when the dialog opens.
    • Remember last selection during session - the most recently selected buyer is the default buyer during the current Scan session. However, the next time you start the Scan module, no buyer is selected initially.
    • Remember last selection beween sessions - the most recently selected buyer is the default buyer, even if Scan is restarted.
  6. Click RemoteScanSender to configure the component.
  7. Click OK to save the configuration.

Select the scanning settings to apply when invoices are scanned

When you start the scan job, select the desired option under Scanner settings in the Additional information dialog.