Components of transaction fields

Here is a brief description of each part of a transaction field:

No. The sequence number is a reference number listing the fields within the transaction description.
Field name A label that ties the transaction field to on of the following:
  • an actual field on an invoice
  • process-related dates or times
  • a value you give it

In order for a transaction field to correspond to an actual field on an invoice, the field name in the transaction description must be identical to the name of a field in the invoice profile.

Idx Not used (always 0).
Pad always Determines whether transaction field should be padded to its maximum length (Len).
  • 1 = Pad the field.
  • 0 = Do not pad the field.

This lets you override the Compact setting for certain fields.

Len The length of the output data in characters.
Pos The position within the record where the output data from that particular transaction field is to begin. Kofax ReadSoft Invoices determines the position automatically.
Expression Specifies text that you want to include in the output.

Defines a default value for a field.

Defines a constant or for an expression to be calculated and assigned to a numerical transaction field you create yourself.