The Edit field colors dialog

To access this dialog:

  1. Using Optimize, click Filter.
  2. Select the Color filter.
  3. Draw a filter.

Use this dialog when using the color filter in Optimize to remove or enhance multiple colors in a filtered area on invoices from a specific supplier. You can see immediate results for the adjustments you make.

If the background of a field contains more than one color, interpretation of the field is improved if you identify them for Kofax ReadSoft Invoices. Adjustments you make in this dialog can affect Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' interpretation of the fields in the filtered area.

Add new Click this button to add a new color to the list.
Remove Click this button to remove a color from the list.
Color Displays the current pixel's color when the mouse pointer is moved over the invoice image.
Threshold Specifies the threshold value of the color in the box above the Threshold box.
Background (right-click) Displays the colors that are filtered from the background.
Foreground (left-click) Displays the colors that are filtered from the foreground.
Preview image Displays a preview of how the invoice image will look with the current settings.
Current image Displays the current, unaltered image.