The Field learning dialog

To access this dialog: Start an Optimize session.

This dialog displays field definition settings and field values of the field being optimized. (See instructions.)

Note Field learning dialog for value identifiersField learning dialog for value identifiers is described separately.
Note The name of this dialog is hidden if the dialog is docked (as it is by default).
Value Displays the value and format specification of the current field.
Position Defines where the field definition’s value field can be positioned.
Currency notation Defines the type and position of the currency notation used for the active field definition. This group is only visible when an amount field is selected. See also: Adjusting the currency settings of an invoice definition
Decimal places Defines how many decimal places the field has. Amount fields can have up to 7 decimal places.
Title Displays the title and settings of the current field.
Page Defines which page the field occurs on, for multi-page invoices. You can also specify whether the field occurs on the First page or the Last page.
Optional Kofax ReadSoft Invoices looks for the field on invoices of this type, interpreting them when they exist. If the field is not found, no error occurs.
Inactive If the current field definition is not used on this invoice definition, select Inactive. Kofax ReadSoft Invoices will not look for, nor interpret, the field on invoices of this type.

Inactive means that the entire field is inactive, both the title and the value. The field is not included in the Verifying dialog.

Inactive fields have gray icons instead of colored ones in the Data objects box:

Note If you deactivate a line item data object, all of the line item fields are inactive.
Supplier field Determines if the field value is static or dynamic.

Using freeform mode, Interpret searches the first and last pages of the invoice for the field. This is helpful in those cases where a field may not always appear in the same location on the invoice.

Freeform in area This setting only works when a field has been drawn in Optimize. The setting is the same as Freeform, but instead of searching the entire invoice, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices only searches within and around the drawn area.

This is particularly helpful for fields that contain more than one value spread over more than one line, like addresses, for example.

Show in Optimize Displays the field in Optimize.
No interpretation Select if you want to manually type data for this field when it is filled in, or you want to set the value of the field externally using an event handler.
Interpret Implements changes and reinterprets a field after changing the text type.
Remove Deletes the active field frame on the invoice definition image.
Move Moves the frame of the active field to another position on the invoice image.
Next/Previous Moves back and forth among suggestions for a field definition.
 Keyboard shortcuts: Alt + Þ and Alt + Ü.
Format Defines the format specification expected for the field definition in respect to the following parameters. More than one can be specified:
  • Numeric
  • Alpha, upper-case
  • Alpha, lower-case
  • Special characters
  • Space

The field format must match the format specification for the Value box.

OK Saves and validates the current field definition.
Cancel Exits without saving or validating the current field definition.