Ricoh 420/430 and Böwe Bell + Howell 4000/5000 (IPU) scanner settings when used with ISIS

For introductory information, please see Advanced scanner settings: ISIS settings.

Smooth Activates a non-destructive filter that smoothes characters and lines. This option may increase legibility. It may also reduce file sizes by 10 to 15%.
Enhance image Choose this option to enhance (strengthen) lines. The options are: Line bolding and Edge extraction. Line bolding strengthens lines. Edge extraction enhances edges and lines in images.
Thresholding Select this option to activate dynamic thresholding. Then choose a thresholding type. The options are: Auto, Light characters, Remove background. With Light characters, thin characters are enhanced. Remove background is for filtering out rasters in the background that interfere with interpretation. With Auto, an attempt is made to decide what is best while the image is being scanned.
Remove noise Select this option to remove noise automatically. Then choose the maximum size of the noise to be removed.