Condition: Invoice profile (InvoiceRules plugin)

Configure conditions to define specific circumstances under which invoices are processed when using the InvoiceRules plugin.

Use this condition to apply an invoice rule to invoices if the current invoice profile name matches the pattern specified here.

  1. When configuring what conditions to use to execute the use of an invoice rule, select Invoice profile.
  2. Under Profile name pattern, use the following to identify how to match the path to the folder:
    • Type a path to match a specific folder name, such as SWE_PO.
    • Use wildcards in a single expression, such as SWE* - this would match all profiles that start with SWE.

      • * matches any character (none, single, or many)
      • ? matches any single character

    • Use multiple patterns separated by commas, such as "*SWE_PO, FIN*"
  3. Specify when actions are used for this condition by selecting either Apply actions if this condition is true or Apply actions if this condition is false on the bottom of the dialog.
  4. Click OK.