Output data: Overview

After your invoices have been processed through Scan, Interpret and Verify, you use the Transfer module to transfer data from processed invoices from Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' database to another system.

By default, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices transfers data by writing it to a text file called the transfer file. However, the interpreted information is not necessarily identical to the data that is written to the output file. You specify the content, layout, and format of the data in transaction descriptions that you set up using Manager.

Transfer generally writes to a file one transaction consisting of one record for each invoice. However, there are many ways to adjust this, for example, to get a second transfer file, to get XML output, or to output to PDF files.

As data from each invoice is successfully transferred, the invoice and all information attached to it remains in the database unless you specify otherwise.

Important With respect to output data, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices 5-6 and later versions contain an important change compared with previous versions: Inactive amount fields, which were previously transferred with the value 0.00, now contain a null value like other kinds of inactive fields, such as text fields. Field definitions and field profiles can be set to Inactive in numerous dialogs.