Placeholders in auto-endorse prefix strings: Panasonic and Kodak scanners

Applies to

  • Panasonic: KV-SS850, KV-SS855, KV-S2055, KV-S2065, KV-S905C, and others.
  • Kodak: 1500 and 2500. (Kodak models 3520 and 4500 are described separately, as are other models.)

This table lists placeholder and formatting characters that you can use in the Prefix box when your scanner’s auto endorse function is enabled. If you want a counter to be included in the endorsed string, you must use a placeholder for the counter.

Character Description
# or %0# Placeholder for counter. The counter always takes up 7 spaces. If the number consists of less than 7 digits, it is padded with spaces if you used #, or zeroes if you used %0#.

Each # character after the first one causes an actual hash mark to be printed by the endorser.

%1d Inserts the date. Format: yy/mm/dd
%2d Inserts the date. Format: yyyy/mm/dd
%3d Inserts the date. Format: mm/dd/yy
%4d Inserts the date. Format: dd abbreviated month, yyyy. Example: 21 Dec., 2007
%1t Inserts the time. Format: hh:mm
%2t Inserts the time. Format: hh:mm:ss
%% Inserts the % character.

Please refer to the documentation that came with your scanner if you need more information.

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