Optimize line items in Verify

Sometimes when you verify an invoice with line items, the line-item table has missing fields or poor interpretation. When this happens, you can show Verify where to find the fields by drawing boxes around the corresponding values on the invoice image. Normally, if all line item rows on an invoice are similar you only have to draw boxes around the fields in the first row of the table, and the program can find the rest of the fields automatically.

If an invoice contains line items that vary or are complex, typically only two or three examples are needed to capture the complete table. In addition, the examples you define are used to automatically capture the table when similar invoices for the same invoice definition are interpreted.

Values for line items that are not captured are not enclosed in a red frame on the invoice image.

Use the following instructions to optimize line item rows in Verify.

You may also need to follow them after changing appendix pages to invoice pages.

  1. Start by removing any unwanted line item rows.
    • If a line-item table was interpreted very poorly, click at the top of the Line item dialog to delete the entire table.
    • If only a few rows are bad, delete them.
  2. Click in the Line items dialog. The Draw line items dialog displays for the first field in a line item row (defined by the invoice definition).
  3. Double-click, or drag a box around, the corresponding value in the invoice image to set the position of the active field. The Draw line items dialog automatically moves to the next line-item field where you repeat the process. If a corresponding value for the field is not found on the invoice, you can click Next to skip it without setting the position.
  4. After the position of all fields for a line item row are set, click Finish to reinterpret all of the line items on the invoice.
  5. Then check that all line item rows are captured correctly. If not, repeat steps one through four for any incorrect or missing rows.


    Tip When you click a field on an invoice image, focus moves to the box containing the field value. If you want to change this behavior, deselect Change focus on click on the View menu.