Search option: Queues

To search for invoices or batches in certain queues:

  1. When searching for invoices, click Queues in the Invoices dialog to limit the list. Or, when searching for batches, click Queues in the Batches dialog to limit the list.
  2. Select the queues the invoices or batches are in. You can select queues by name or number:

    To remove a queue from the Selected box, select the queue and click the left arrow <-.

    Name Displays a list of all defined queues. Select one or more and click the arrow > to add them to the Selected box.
    Number Displays an empty box, where you can type a queue number. The queue must already be defined, either queue 1 to 32, or one that was defined using an external program.

    Click the arrow > to add the specified queue to the Selected box.

    Multiple queues can be added, one at a time.