Reroute an invoice

If an invoice is connected to the wrong invoice profile, you can reroute it to the correct invoice profile.

  1. Display the Reroute invoice dialog:
    • Using Manager, right-click an invoice in the Invoices dialog and select Reroute.
    • Using Verify, click Reroute (Verify toolbar).
  2. Select the correct invoice profile. (This is what reroutes the invoice.)
  3. If possible, select the correct buyer.
  4. Click OK.

    Rerouted invoices get Scanned status and are included the next time Interpret runs.

    • You cannot reroute invoices that are in batches.
    • If you only change the buyer, the invoice is not "rerouted" and does not get Scanned status. You may need to do this, for example to move the invoice to a different inbox.
    • When rerouting XML invoices, you cannot change the buyer, and you must select a different profile than the current one.
    • If a large number of invoices need to be rerouted, this is an indication that the wrong Scan job description may have been used to scan the invoices. Notify the Scan operator or a supervisor.