Park an invoice

You can temporarily park invoices in Verify when you need to get more information about the invoice before it can be approved.

To park an invoice, click Invoice > Park while verifying an invoice.

These invoices receive Parked status, and they are automatically placed in the Parked folder in the Inbox. Note that a Parked folder must be included in the inbox configuration, and Parked status must be selected for users to be able to see them there.

Display parked invoices for users in the inbox

To display invoices with Parked status in a specific folder in the inbox for users, complete the following steps:

  1. As part of the process to create or edit the inbox, in the Inbox configuration dialog, click Edit folders .
  2. In the Edit inbox folders dialog, click to create a root node called Parked in the selection hierarchy.
  3. Depending on what is best for your situation, you can click once to create one child node for all parked invoices, or you can use it multiple times to create a child node for each invoice profile, for example.
  4. Click the child node to select it, and then click Apply selection criteria to this folder/group on the right on the screen to display the criteria that can be specified for the folder. If more than one child node has been created, this and the following steps will need to be done for each one.
  5. On the Invoice profiles tab, click one or more invoice profiles for which you want parked invoices to be placed in the child node.
  6. On the Statuses tab, click Parked, and remove the selection of any other statuses, if any.
  7. Optional: Additional criteria can be specified if you want any of these child nodes to apply to parked invoices for specific buyers, queues, or user-defined variables. However, note that all specified criteria must be met for the invoices to be put in the corresponding inbox folder.
  8. Click OK.
  9. If you only want specific users to see these folders, you can create user authorization roles for that purpose and then associate the appropriate users with the role. Note that if a user you select is restricted from seeing an invoice profile that is selected for the role, they will not see parked invoices for that invoice profile in the folder in Verify during processing.
  10. When finished, click OK to save the changes.

Remind users that parked invoices need to be processed

You can specify the number of days invoices remain parked before a reminder to process them is displayed when the user opens the Verify module.

To set the number of days for parked invoices, add ParkedInvoicesExpiryDate to the [Verify] section of eilocal.ini and specify a number greater than 0 as the value. The feature is disabled if the value for the flag is 0. For example, if you specify ParkedInvoicesExpiryDate=3, a message reminding users that invoices are parked and need to be processed is displayed when they open the Verify module and there are invoices that have been parked for three or more days.