Kofax cards


Be aware that Kofax cards and some scanners (in particular those from Panasonic) generally need more than the standard amount of memory they are delivered with. In both cases, the user manuals that come with them contain good advice on how much memory to buy based upon the type(s) of invoices scanned.

Scanner buffer

If you are using a Kofax card (and any scanner), you can specify the extent to which buffering is used. Normally you should choose 3 pages for maximum performance. Increasing the value above 3 may result in faster scanning, but the price is reduced control during the scanning process.

Using a Böwe Bell + Howell 6338 scanner

To enable duplex (two-sided) scanning with a Kofax card and a Böwe Bell + Howell 6338 scanner, you must install two Kofax cards. In the configuration program for Kofax (ImageControls), define Engine1 as MASTER and Engine2 as SLAVE. Engine1 (Master) must then be connected to the scanner’s front page port and Engine2 (Slave) to the back page port.

For one-sided scanning, you only need one Kofax card.