Specify the language for a date field

The Language setting becomes visible when Date is selected as the format type for a field in the General settings. Select which language the date field is written in on the invoice.

This controls which month names and short month names Kofax ReadSoft Invoices uses when interpreting and validating date fields. Depending on the field format, the DateFormat settings in Eiglobal.ini may be used, and the [ThreeCharMonthName] and [FullMonthName] sections in Eiglobal.ini are also be involved. See INI file help for more information.

This setting is required for dates where the month is written in alphabetic letters on the invoice instead of a number. For example, January or Jan. instead of 1.

This setting has no effect on how the date field is displayed in Optimize and Verify.

You can also adjust the year on invoices for countries where alternate calendars are used.