Add fields to the layout for XML invoices

This procedure is part of the process to add missing fields to XML invoice definitions. It must be done before the field can be added to an XML invoice profile or to the XML invoice definition in the XML Maintenance dialog.


  • The field profile for the field that is to be added must be included in the invoice profile that the XML invoice definition belongs to.
  • You need to know the correct spelling of the field's "field type", as it appears in the invoice profile. To find out:
  1. Using Manager, click the Invoice profiles object bar.
  2. Expand the invoice profile that contains the field that you want to add.
  3. Double-click the field.
  4. Note the spelling in the Field type setting.
    Note Fields cannot be added for line items.

To add a field to the layout (general template) for XML invoices

  1. Using the Manager module, select Plugins > XML Maintenance.
  2. Click the Layouts tab.
  3. Select the section of the XML code where the field is to be added in the Field groupslist (that is, under buyers, suppliers, or fields).
  4. Click Add field and select the field that you want to add from the drop-down list. (Only those that are currently found in an invoice profile are listed here.)

    Or, type the name of the field type that you want to add, and then add a field with that type to the appropriate invoice profile.

    Either way, this needs to be done before the field can be added to an XML invoice definition or standard.


    • The spelling of the file type needs to be identical when doing it this way.
    • To update the list of fields in all profiles, you can right-click the list of fields in the table and select Update Profiles.
  5. Click OK.