Action: Export multitiff of current invoice (InvoiceRules plugin)

Configure this action option to process invoices in a certain way when specified conditions are met when using the InvoiceRules plugin.

Do the following to configure how to create a new multitiff file, using all pages of the current invoice, and save that to the destination specified if conditions are met. You can specify either a static text or dynamic values to build the file path:

  1. When configuring what actions to apply to a rule, select Export multitiff of current invoice.
  2. Build the path of the image to create by selecting appropriate static or dynamic values (like Invoice image filename) in the list under Filepath of image to create.
  3. Additional criteria can be added to the path by clicking Add value part at the bottom of the dialog and configuring additional appropriate static text or dynamic values.
  4. Click OK.
    Note If Discard file writing errors is selected, and an error occurs (for example, the file is not accessible), the multitiff is not created and no log information is saved for it. If the option is not selected, and an error occurs, the multitiff is still not created, but the error is recorded in the invoice rules log.