Queues: Overview

Queues allow you to organize invoices and batches. They give you freedom to develop ways of organizing and controlling the production workflow.

A queue is a group of invoices or batches waiting to be processed. Each queue has a unique queue name and queue number. You can add invoices and batches to queues according to any criteria you decide on. You can select which queues will be processed at each production workstation.

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices has 32 queues. You can define additional queues if needed.

Example of using queues

Setting up queues

Using queues

Managing queues

Managing queues using an event handler


  • All queues are available in all production modules.
  • A queue can hold invoices and batches at the same time.
  • The invoices and batches in a queue can be from any number of invoice profiles.