This topic guides you when you are setting up field validations for invoice profiles.

If you fill in the Checksum box in a field's Validation settings, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices performs a modulo 10 check-digit control of a numeric field.

Type Modulo10(i,j,k), where i - j indicate the positions of the digits to base the calculations on and k is the position of the check digit.


A field contains a number such as 223344-5567, and the last digit, 7, is the check digit. You type Modulo10(1,9,10) because the number to be checked is actually 223344-556 (in positions 1-9) and 7 (in position 10) is the check digit.

If the format is variable, indicate the longest possible format. The check digit position is locked to the end of the format.