Modify identifiers for XML invoice profiles

Use this procedure to modify identifiers for XML invoice profiles:

  1. Create a new XML invoice profile or edit an existing one.
  2. In the Save as new XML profile or Edit XML profile settings dialogs, select the Identifiers tab to specify identifiers that will distinguish the new profile from the one it's based on (identifiers that have already been specified for the base profile are already listed here):
    1. Make note of the text that you will need to enter to modify the identifier in sub-step c below. Look in the XML code on the XML tab if needed.
    2. Select the identifier you want to modify in the list and click Edit to display the Modify identifier dialog.
    3. Type the appropriate text for the identifier in the Identifier text box.
    4. Click OK.
  3. Click Run for the Test identifiers on current XML invoice option to test the identifiers against the XML invoice source (not possible if accessed from the XML Maintenance dialog). The identification score for the identifier is found in the invoice source is indicated in the Match Result column of the dialog.
  4. You can test the profile against those invoices that are currently in the system by clicking Run for Test identifiers on all XML invoices in the system. As a result, all profiles are listed in the dialog including the Match result (identification score for each profile found in the system).
  5. Click OK when you are satisfied that invoices can be identified using the identifiers you have specified for the profile.