The Scanner settings dialog

To access this dialog:

  1. Using Manager, click the Scanner description object bar.
  2. Double-click a scanner description.

Alternatively, create a new scanner description.

Use these settings when you edit or create a new scanner description.

Note warning - Do not change the scanner description after you have started running in production. Changing scanners or scanner descriptions after creating an invoice definition can lead to poor identification.
Paper Specifies the paper size. Select an asterisk (*) to define a custom paper size using the Name, Width, and Height boxes.
Name Specifies the name of a paper size.
Width Specifies the width of a paper size.
Height Specifies the height of a paper size.
Color – see more information about these settings
Black and white Creates black and white image files when scanning.
Grayscale (8 bit) Creates grayscale image files when scanning.
Color (24 bit) Creates color image files when scanning.
Quality Determines the quality of scanned image files.
Two-sided Specifies whether to scan both back and front (two-sided).
Document feed Specifies the type of document feeder your scanner uses.
Rotate front Specifies the rotation of front pages.
Rotate back Specifies the rotation of back pages.
DPI Specifies the scanning resolution.
Contrast Specifies the contrast.
Light Specifies the brightness.
Select scanner Determines which scanner to use.
Advanced Displays the ISIS settings or the Kofax settings, depending on your scanner type.
Use default settings Restores all of the scanner settings to their default states.