Job control

You control jobs in the production modules using commands on the Job menu or using toolbar buttons.

To start a job, you first start a production module, and then open a job description.

images\start_button.gif When you choose Start, the production module starts the open job and sets its status to Started.
images\pause_button.gif When you choose Pause, a job with the status Started changes its status to Paused. Pause is useful, for example, if you want to do something else on your PC such as start a new program while a production module is running.
images\continue_button.gif Continue restarts a job that is paused.
images\stop_button.gif Choose Stop to stop a job with the status Started or Paused and change its status to Stopped.

  • You cannot pause/continue or stop a Scan job. To stop a Scan job, simply stop the scanner manually and remove unwanted invoices from the system using Verify.
  • You cannot pause/continue a Verify job.