Manage production through job descriptions

A job description contains your instructions to each of the production modules (Scan, Interpret, Verify and Transfer). This is where you select invoices to process, and you can adjust many details about how that processing is to be done.

We often refer to job descriptions in connection with a production module name, for example Verify job description. This refers to the part of the job description that contains the instructions for the Verify module.

Default job description settings

Any time you create a job description, all the settings have defaults until you change them. That is, you can create a usable job description just by opening the dialog, choosing an invoice profile, closing the dialog and saving the job description. Even if you do this from one of the production module, the job description is usable in all modules because all the settings have defaults.

Customize job descriptions

It is not necessary to use the same job description for all invoices of a specific type. You can create different job descriptions for the same invoice profile in order to divide up your work in different ways or in order to allow each user to customize the settings.

You can create as many job descriptions as you like for different purposes, and you can edit them, using either Manager or the respective module, right up until the time you use them.

If you find yourself frequently opening the same job description, you can save yourself that step.