A character set was deleted by accident

If you have not yet closed the Character sets dialog, simply click Cancel.

If you closed the dialog, the change is saved. However, the details of the character set are still found in Ehcharset.ini. Use this procedure to "add" the character set again:

  1. Use a text editor to open Ehcharset.ini.
  2. In the [General] section, find the Charsets setting and add the name of the character set that you accidentally deleted. Ensure that you type the name exactly as it appears in the section (further down in the file) that defines the details of the character set.

    Example: You accidentally deleted the Danish character set. Add ;Danish to the end of the Charsets list. Further down in the file, you can see that the [Danish] section is still there, specifying all the details. (If it is not, you must create the character set again.)

  3. Save and close the file.