View invoice images

The following commands are available in Manager, Optimize, and in Verify (View > Image) when you are viewing images of invoices:

Normal shows the image in its actual size. That is, it is neither magnified nor reduced when displayed. Press F2 for quick access.

Zoom in magnifies the image each time it is selected. Press F3 for quick magnification.

Choose Zoom out to reduce the image. You can choose it repeatedly to reduce the image more and more. Press F4 for quick reduction.

In Manager, Verify and Optimize, a Page tab is displayed for each side of each page scanned by Scan. A one page (one-sided) invoice will only have one Page tab, while multi-page invoices will have one Page tab for each page or appendix. Click the Page tabs to switch between the pages of multi-page invoices. When verifying multi-page invoices, the correct Page tab is automatically activated when you switch between fields.

Note that the number tabs displayed is limited by the monitor resolution. If an invoice has more pages than the number of tabs displayed, you can click the last tab and then press Page Down to continue to the next page.

Available only in Verify

Choose 2 colors (monochrome) or 256 colors (grayscale) in the Image display dialog to apply a grayscale filter to an invoice image. When reducing images, you can use this command to make them more legible.

To toggle between grayscale and black and white, press Ctrl+G. In some cases, using grayscale can make the image easier to read.

Scroll to additional invoice image tabs on multi-paged invoices in Verify

If an invoice contains many pages, there may not be enough room to fit all of the tabs on the bottom of the Verify window. You can scroll through available tabs using the arrows on the bottom left of the Verify window.

Note This only adjusts the display of the tabs themselves. You have to click a tab if you want to view what it contains.

Clicking this button scrolls the display of the tabs on the right of the screen to additional tabs that are further to the right.

Clicking this button scrolls the display of the tabs so that the last tab is visible.