Improve buyer identification

There are two ways you can improve buyer identification (and hence the interpretation of invoices):

  • Add fields to identify buyer
  • Create buyer variations in the master data

Add fields to identify buyer

The default fields used to identify buyer are Name1, Name2, NameSupplement1, NameSupplement2, and VATRegistrationNumber. You can add other fields to this list using the BuyerExtraIdentifierFields setting in Eiglobal.ini (see INI file help for more information). You should only use this setting when you know that the field(s) you add uniquely identify a buyer.

Tip Be careful if you use fields that have numerical values. Even though they may identify buyers, these values may also be found in other fields in invoices for other buyers. For example, the POBox value may be unique for each buyer, but these values may also be found in amount fields. A buyer may have the PO Box "20", but "20" may also appear as amounts or quantities on other invoices. In this case, the value for POBox cannot be considered as being unique for invoices for different buyers.
Note When Kofax ReadSoft Invoices finds more than one match based on any of the name fields above, it uses the PObox, Street, StreetSupplement, PostalCode, and City fields to determine the correct buyer. You can also use any of these fields in BuyerExtraIdentifierFields when they uniquely identify a buyer.

Create buyer variations in the master data

You can improve the identification of buyers by creating variations of the buyer entry in the master data. As the buyer name is not always printed and/or spelled the same on every invoice, entries in the master data to cover these variations helps Kofax ReadSoft Invoices to identify the buyer.

For example, consider a fictional German buyer, Häckel und Weiss GmbH. The entry in the master data may be "Häckel und Weiss GmbH". However, suppliers may write this name differently, such as "Häckel und Weiss", "Haeckel und Weiss GmbH", or use others. The name may also appear as an entity name used internally, such as "Company 1234". If you add these variations to the master data, the buyer is more easily identified when processing invoices that contain these different names.