The Character sets dialog

To access this dialog: Using Manager, select Settings > Character sets.

Use the below settings when creating or editing a character set or deleting a character set.

Note warning - when you edit a character set, your change is valid for all invoices interpreted according to that character set. This can negatively affect Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' ability to find and interpret fields on the invoices. This is especially true if characters you delete are used by the country profile that the invoice profile is based upon. Deleting characters from the character set is not recommended.

To restrict the possible characters for one particular field, do this in the format specification for the field.

If you import an invoice profile that uses an edited character set from another installation of the program, copy the edited character set to the Ehcharset.ini file of the installation you are importing to.

Character set Select a character set to edit, delete, or base a new character set on.
Alpha, uppercase Uppercase letters included in the selected character set.
Alpha, lowercase Lowercase letters included in the selected character set.
Special characters Special characters included in the selected character set.

See also: Configuring the program to interpret asterisks

Numeric characters Numbers included in the selected character set.
Code page The Microsoft Windows code page used for the selected character set.
Delete Deletes the selected code page.

See also: A character set was deleted by accident

Save as Saves the selected character set as a new one. Use this to create a new character set.
Note The character set that Kofax ReadSoft Invoices uses when interpreting invoices is specified in the Character set settings in the Invoice profile dialog.