The Debit/Credit field

The Debit/Credit field profile can be used to change a debit invoice to a credit note and vice versa. Note that there is a separate topic for the debit/credit field in connection with XML invoices.

Initially, this field type is controlled solely by the [InvoiceCredit] section in Eiglobalextra.ini. If Interpret finds any of the values listed in the CreditValues setting there, or if a negative amount is found on the invoice, it is classified as a credit note. If none of the titles are found, and if no negative amounts are found, the document is classified as an invoice. (See "[InvoiceCredit]" topic in INI file help for more information.)

After learning this field in Optimize, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices interprets future documents using:

This procedure is used:

  1. When an invoice from that supplier is processed, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices searches the optimized area for the optimized word.
  2. If not found, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices searches the optimized area for one of the titles listed in the field profile, such as "invoice", "credit", "credit note", etc.—something that indicates whether it is an invoice or credit note.
  3. If a match is found, it is checked against the list of CreditValues in Eiglobalextra.ini. If it matches, the document is determined to be a credit note.

    If no match is found, or if a match is found but the word is not included in the list of CreditValues, the document is determined to be an invoice.

  4. The status of the field is set to Complete.


  • All valid titles (such as "invoice", "credit", "credit note", etc.—something that indicates which one it is, used in step 2 above) must be found in the field profile. Titles that are not found there must be added manually in the profile's Titles settings. (See separate instructions.)
  • All valid credit titles must be specified in the CreditValues setting in Eiglobalextra.ini. This means that if you learn a new word for a credit note in the invoice definition, you must add it to Eiglobalextra.ini as described in step 5 of Learning the Debit/Credit field in Optimize. Otherwise, the credit note will still be marked as an invoice.
  • The field is always set to Complete, regardless of the outcome of step 3, above. (Some see this as a limitation, others do not.)

This field profile is added to invoice profiles automatically, even if:

  • You have an existing invoice profile that does not have this field profile.
  • You created a new invoice profile without this field profile.

When the this field profile is added automatically this way, it does not appear in the invoice profile in Manager.

If you do not want to use this field profile, you must create a field profile with this field type (if you cannot see the field profile in Manager) and set the Activation settings to Inactive.