Reinterpret fields and invoices

There are some scenarios when fields and invoices need to be reinterpreted:

The supplier for an invoice is changed in Verify

If you change the supplier of an invoice in Verify, and there is an invoice definition associated with that supplier, you can choose to have Verify reinterpret those invoices. To do this, select Reinterpret in the Verify job description Control settings or (if you are using an inbox) in the Edit inbox folders dialog.

Reinterpretation is also performed if the supplier is changed in the invoice definition (most commonly during optimization) after one or more invoices were interpreted. This can happen if you interpret several invoices of the same type without verifying them. The invoice definition does not have to be complete for an invoice to be reinterpreted.

Note There is a related setting in Eiglobal.ini, namely CopyOldValuesWhenReInterpret. See INI file help for more information.

In Verify when the last page of an invoice is changed

The option to reinterpret an invoice is provided automatically when the Verify operator changes what is considered to be the last page of an invoice.

Manually reinterpret invoices in Verify

It is also possible to reinterpret an invoice directly in Verify at any time by selecting Invoice > Reinterpret. Note that this does not apply to XML invoices.

Reinterpret invoices after document separation is corrected in Verify

When document separation is corrected for invoices, they need to be reinterpreted. How that is done depends on how the invoices entered the system.

  • If invoices were scanned using the Scan module, invoice images are automatically added to the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices database and are therefore internal to the system. To reinterpret the invoices after document separation has been corrected is simply a matter of running the Interpret job with the same name as the job used to scan the invoices.
  • When invoices are imported into the system as image files or captured from email using Collector, and document separation is corrected, the same Interpret job cannot be used since it is configured to get the invoices from a folder or Collector. Consequently, another job needs to be created to reinterpret the invoices.