Optimize invoice definitions: Overview

When you optimize an invoice definition, you see the invoice definition image on the screen and you confirm the field proposals or show where the fields are located. The first field that requires optimizing is selected. If you want to adjust a different one, click the field name in the Learning dialog.

You can select any field and see its location, format, and the value that Interpret captured for it.

You can confirm the fields that Interpret found and optimize the fields that Interpret was not able to find.

Fields can be learned by clicking the desired field text that is aligned vertically can be used as identifiers. This is done by clicking the field and using the cursor to draw a box around the desired text.

You can use the Field learning dialog to change field definition settings:

After you optimize each invoice field, and after you specify the supplier, the following happens:

  • The invoice definition gets the Learned status and can be used for interpreting and verifying the invoices that fit that definition.
  • The invoice is ready to be verified.
  • A learning invoice is created if none exists.

You can also check invoice identification, if invoices are not being identified as they should be.

Recommended: Create a maintenance plan that automatically deletes unwanted invoice definitions at regular intervals.