Process batches: Overview

Process batches in Scan

Batches are created during scanning. When you scan a batch, each invoice has certain identifying batch data associated with it. In addition, the Scan operator can type values for the batch data to provide additional information.

After you scan each batch, you archive the paper invoices together with a batch report, which is a printout of the batch data. You can easily find an original invoice later on if you want to examine it for any reason.

Process batches in Verify

  • Using a Verify job:
    • Each batch is kept together throughout the rest of processing. For example, when a Verify operator verifies the first invoice in a batch, the batch is locked so that other Verify operators cannot select that batch.
    • Operators can select which batches to process, or operators can work on batches that are routed to them, depending on how you set up the batches.
  • Using an inbox:

Batches are not locked or kept together during verification. In this case, verifying batches is just like verifying invoices that are not in batches – see Verifying invoices

Process batches in Transfer

Batches are transferred together. This is true even if batches were verified using an inbox.

Process batches in Optimize

The Optimize operator is not affected by batches.