Invoice definition status

Each invoice definition has one of these statuses:

Learned A complete invoice definition. All required identifier definitions and field definitions have Learned status. The supplier is defined. Assigned by Verify and Optimize.
Known An invoice definition where the required identifier definitions are Learned, but one or more field definitions are Not Learned. The supplier may, or may not, be defined. Assigned by Interpret, Verify, and Optimize.
Unknown An invoice definition with one or more required identifier definitions that are Not Learned. Assigned by Interpret.
Error or blank (no status) This is not an official status. If you see an invoice definition with Error status or no status at all, it means that the invoice definition is corrupt. Delete such definitions. Invoice connected to this definition are given Scanned status during processing in Verify or Transfer. Then Interpret may once again connect the invoice to the same corrupt definition. The result is an invoice going in circles.  

The status of an invoice definition is assigned and changed by Kofax ReadSoft Invoices, not directly by you.

To check the status of an invoice definition using Manager:

  1. Click List invoice definitions on the invoice profile toolbar, or right-click the invoice profile and select Invoice definitions.