List and search for invoice definitions

To list and search for invoice definitions, and to see detailed statistics for each invoice definition:

  1. Using Manager, click the Invoice profiles object bar.
  2. Right-click an invoice profile and select Invoice definitions. The Invoice definitions dialog is displayed.
    Note The name of this dialog is hidden if the dialog is docked (as it is by default).
  3. Now you can search for certain invoice definitions.
    • To search by date:
      1. Select Created to search by when the invoice definition was created, or select Changed to search by when it was last changed.
      2. In the first drop-down list, select a time frame:
        On date The date you type. Example:

        You type: 20181230

        Resulting selection: December 30, 2018

        Before date All dates before but not including the date you type. Example:

        You type: 20181230

        Resulting selection: All dates before December 30, 2018

        After date All dates after but not including the date you type. Example:

        You type: 20181230

        Resulting selection: All dates after December 30, 2018

        Between dates All dates in the range of dates including the start and end date. Example:

        You type: 20181230 and 20190125

        Resulting selection: All dates from December 30, 2018 through January 25, 2019

      3. Type your date or dates in the next two boxes. Use the format YYYYMMDD. For example, 20190503 is May 3, 2019.
    • To search using predefined criteria:
      1. Select one of the Premade selections. For example, select Poor identification rate if you only want to see definitions with an identification rate less than 50%.
    • To use the boxes above the columns of things that were counted:

      Enter "=", "<", or ">" followed by a number. For example, enter ">10" above Incorrect ident. to list invoice definitions were incorrectly used by Interpret more than ten times (that is, a Verify operator selected another invoice definition to use with an invoice that Interpret had assigned to this invoice definition).

    • To use the boxes above the columns of other fields:
      • Enter text to find all entries that start with it.

        Example: Type Read above a column.

        Results: Reading, ReadSoft, etc.

      • Enclose text in * or % to find all entries that contain it. Note: You must use two symbols. One asterisk or percent symbol will not give the desired results.

        Example: Type *Read* or %Read% above a column.

        Results: Reading, ReadSoft, Bread, etc.

      • Enclose text in " to find exact matches.

        Example: Type "Read" above a column.

        Result: Read and nothing else.

        You can filter more than one column at a time.


  • You can combine different ways of searching and sorting. Example:

To list only invoice definitions with status Unknown that were created before January 4, 2018:

  1. Select Unknown in the Status box.
  2. Select Before date in the Created box.
  3. Type 20180104 in the YYYYMMDD box to the right of Created.
    • To sort the list, click a column heading. This sorts the list according to the values in that column. Each time you click the sort order reverses.
    • To select invoice definitions to work with, right-click any invoice definition and click Select all. This selects all items in the list. Or, hold down SHIFT or CTRL and click each desired invoice definition. This selects specific invoice definitions.