List of user profiles including access privileges

To see a list of and manage all users in the system including their access privileges, click Administration > List users in the Manager module.

The following information displays for each user:

  • User type - the user type associated with the user: Local user, Network user, Network group
  • Name/Account/Group - the name of the user, network account, or group that the user belongs to
  • Complete name/Domain - the user's complete name if Local user is selected as the user type or the network domain the user belongs to if Network user or Network group is selected as the user type
  • Access rights - indicates if the user has administrative privileges (all modules and module options) or lists the modules and module options for which the user has privileges
  • Language - the interface language used by the user

User profiles can also be created, opened, deleted, printed, imported, and exported by right-clicking in the view and using the corresponding context menu option.