Potential problem with transferred field data

There is a potential problem if No verification is specified for a field and the field receives a validation error for some reason during processing (the format specification is too rigid, for example). You will not know it, because it will not show up in Verify. As a consequence, the data for the field will be missing from the transferred output.

If this happens with even one field in a line item table, the table will not be displayed in Verify and none of the line item data will be included in the output.

Possible solutions

  • Remove the No verification setting in the field profile so that the field shows up in Verify in case it cannot be automatically validated correctly.
  • Remove the field from the invoice profile if it is not needed.
  • Specify a more forgiving format specification for the line item field that does not show up in Verify so that it can be validated. A format specification such as {N(1-2)X[-/]N(4)|N(4)X[-/]N(1-2)} could be validated more easily than X(1-50), for example.