Optimize single item fields in Verify

If an invoice is displayed with empty single item fields, or the captured fields are wrong, you can redefine these fields when verifying single item fields. You can either:

  • Double-click the field you want to capture on the invoice image. Verify will draw a frame around the value and interpret the value.

The field definition is optimized even if one already exists. This means the Interpret module will look for this field on future invoices in the new location you marked.

  • Type the correct value in the Value box.

The field definition will not be optimized if one already exists. This means the Interpret module will continue to look for this field on future invoices in the same location as before. However, if a field definition does not yet exist, one will be created. In doing so, Verify will attempt to locate, on the invoice, the value that you entered. If it finds it, it will search for the field title as well and record the location of the field. This information will then be used to better interpret future invoices.


When you click a field on an invoice image, focus moves to the box containing the field value. If you want to change this behavior, deselect Change focus on click on the View menu.

Use the Go to next incomplete field after drawing option in the View menu during Verify so that you do not have to press Enter to move to the next incomplete field. When you use this option and double-click or draw a rectangle on the invoice image, the captured data is copied to the current field edit box, and the field is automatically validated. If the validation is OK, the field is saved and the cursor moves automatically to the next incomplete field.

Disable optimization in Verify

You can prevent users from optimizing invoices in Verify. This means that invoice definitions can only be updated manually in the Optimize module. To do this, change the value of the AllowRelearnInVerify setting to 0 in Eiglobal.ini. See INI file help for more information.