The Field profile dialog: Treatment settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Using Manager, open the invoice profile.
  2. If you are going to edit the settings, make sure the invoice profile is inactive.
  3. Open the field profile.
  4. Click Options.

These Options settings are available for single item field profiles.

Use the first three settings to define special purpose fields.

No interpretation* Interpret does not try to find the field. Interpret sets the field status to Manual entry. In Verify, the field is shown and the operator can type a value. No interpretation is also useful if you want to set the value of a field using an external program.

This setting is not available when Title occurrence sets value is selected.

No verification* The field is not shown in Verify. The Field handling in Verify settings (Confirm, Retype, and Must be filled) are not used.

Use this setting together with No interpretation to create a field that is not shown in Verify and whose value is set by an external program.

This setting is not allowed if Must be filled is selected in the Validation settings.

Click here for information on how to solve potential problems using this setting.

Show in Optimize Displays the field in Optimize.
Title occurrence sets value* Interpret sets the field value to 1 if the title text appears on the invoice. If the text is not on the invoice, Interpret sets the value to 0. In Verify, the field is shown and it always has status Complete. This setting is available for regular single item fields.

This setting is not allowed if No interpretation is selected, or if Use titles to search for value is deselected in the Titles settings. This setting is available only for regular single item fields.

When you use this setting, you can, for example, have an event handler that checks the field value and provides functions that you need.

Always interpret in freeform mode Using freeform mode, Interpret searches the first and last pages of the invoice for the field. This is helpful in those cases where a field may not always appear in the same location on the invoice.
Affects invoice status* This setting determines whether or not the status of the field affects the status of the invoice .

If Affects invoice status is selected, the field status is used when determining the status of the invoice.

If Affects invoice status is not selected, the field status is not used when determining the status of the invoice. In other words, the invoice could be Complete, even if the field has an error.

Although deselecting Affects invoice status removes the field from the invoice status calculation, Verify does not allow you to approve an invoice with field errors. If you want a field to completely bypass Verify, deselect Affects invoice status and select No verification. Using this combination makes the field invisible to Verify and the Verify operator, and you can approve the invoice, regardless of the field’s status.

Supplier field The field value found in the learning invoice is saved. The same value is then used for every invoice from the supplier. The Verify operator can change the value. Interpret does not search for supplier fields.

* This setting applies to all suppliers. You cannot change this setting in Optimize.