The Transaction description dialog

To access this dialog:

Do one of these things:

Use these settings to edit a transaction description:

Connected to invoice profile Determines which invoice profile uses this transaction description.
Table columns Described in Components of transaction fields.
Inserts a field from the Available fields list to the list of fields in the transaction.
images\add_button.gif Creates a new transaction field.
images\cut_button.gif Cuts the selected transaction field.
images\copy_button.gif Copies the selected transaction field.
images\paste_button.gif Pastes the selected transaction field.
images\delete_button.gif Deletes the selected transaction field.
images\edit_button.gif Displays the Properties dialog for the selected transaction field.
images\move_buttons.gif Moves the selected transaction field up or down. This affects the order in which the data is transferred.
Default Inserts transaction fields based on the invoice profile.
Delete all Deletes all of the transaction fields.
Options Displays the Transaction description options dialog.