Troubleshoot while scanning

Errors that occur during scanning are logged in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' error logs.

No contact with scanner

If you see a "no contact" message, the scanner may not be connected, or it may be switched off.

Connect or switch on the scanner, wait until it is ready, make sure there are invoices in the document feeder, and start the job again.

If that does not help, try shutting down the computer and turning on the scanner before restarting the computer.

This error can also occur if ASPI is not installed for ISIS scanning or STI is not installed with USB. If for some reason they are missing, you can sometimes obtain them separately from the scanner manufacturer's website and install them yourself.

The scanner continues scanning after receiving a signal to stop

See ScanAhead.

Other problems

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Otherwise, please refer to troubleshooting information supplied with your scanner card or your scanner.