Adjust the display

Using the mouse in Verify:

Zoom in and out Use the scroll wheel to zoom in on and away from the invoice image (the location of the cursor is always in focus when possible).
Move the image around Press and hold the right/secondary mouse button and drag the image to move it around.

Settings available in the View menu:

Image Image display (scaling and color depth). Zooming in and out.
Object bars Use the entire screen to view an invoice or invoice definition.
Status bar Toggle the view of the status bar in theKofax ReadSoft Invoices modules.
Toolbars View/hide toolbars in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' modules.
Reset window layout If selected, this setting displays a message asking if you want to restore the default window layout when the module is restarted. This is handy if you change the layout of windows/toolbars and they disappear from view.

Extra display settings in Verify

Available in the View menu:

Zoom view Displays the invoice field below the value shown by the Verifying dialog, for easy comparison.
Info box Shows details of any validation and interpretation errors directly below the field in the Verifying dialog.
Zoom view fixed When activated, the Zoom view and Info box are shown in a fixed position in Verify (below the last field), rather than below the field that you are currently validating.
Field guide Toggle the field guide on/off.
Line item headers Toggle line item headers on/off.
Change focus on click If selected, focus moves to the box containing the field value when you click a field on an invoice image. Deselect Change focus on click to change that behavior.
Go to next incomplete field after drawing When you double-click or draw on the invoice image, the captured data is copied to the current field edit box, and the field is automatically validated. If the validation is OK, the field is saved and the cursor moves automatically to the next incomplete field. If there is a validation error, the field gets the status Validation error and the cursor remains in the current field edit box. If you want to press Enter to move to the next incomplete field instead, deselect this option.

Other things you can do

If an invoice contains many pages, there may not be enough room to fit all of the tabs on the bottom of the Verify window. You can scroll through available tabs using the arrows on the bottom left of the Verify window.

Note This only adjusts the display of the tabs themselves. You have to click a tab if you want to view what it contains.

Clicking this button scrolls the display of the tabs on the right of the screen to additional tabs that are further to the right.

Clicking this button scrolls the display of the tabs so that the last tab is visible.