Adjust the identification settings of an invoice definition

Identification settings that are defined in an invoice profile, using Manager, can be customized for each invoice definition in Optimize.

Optimizing the identification settings for invoice definitions can lead to increased interpretation rates in some instances. For example, assume you created an invoice profile that contains three identifiers. If you know of an invoice definition that can be identified using only one identifier, deleting the unnecessary identifiers from the invoice definition identification settings can increase the interpretation rate of that invoice.

Note When Optimizing invoice definition identification settings, it is important to consider the benefits of increased interpretation rates versus interpretation performance. Using two or even three identifiers per invoice may cost more in interpretation time, but it also increases identification accuracy. Conversely, minimizing the number of identifiers can increase interpretation rates, but it can also decrease interpretation accuracy.

To change invoice definition identification settings in Optimize

  1. Double-click the invoice profile containing the invoice definition you want to edit. The Invoice definitions dialog is displayed.
  2. Double-click the invoice definition you want to modify.
  3. After the invoice definition is open, click Settings in the Learning dialog. The Invoice definition dialog is displayed.
  4. Select Identification, and adjust the settings as described here, according to the same guidelines used for the invoice profile identification settings.
  5. Click OK.