The XML Mapper: Attachment Editor tab

Use this tab to map references to attachments to the correct elements in the XML invoice.

XML node selection List of all nodes in the XML invoice. What is selected here determines what is available in the XmlNodes list below.
Select Selects the XML node that is highlighted in XML node selection list.
XML nodes List of XML nodes that are available to map to in the section selected in XML node selection above.
Attachment fields Description - the elements that are available here will vary depending on the XML standard of the corresponding invoice. A separate column is included in the table at the bottom of invoice images for each element or attribute that is mapped and for which a value is found. The ones listed below are common to all
Embedded value A place holder for a reference to attachments in XML invoices.
Additional info A place holder for additional information that may be of importance when attachments are extracted.

This dialog contains other views/settings.