Prefix string

The prefix is the first part of the value to be printed by the endorser—usually the part before the counter. With most scanners, specifying a prefix is optional when auto endorse is enabled.

The maximum length of the endorser text is scanner-specific, but a typical maximum length is 70 characters, including the counter, if any.

Some scanners require placeholder characters in the prefix string

Some scanners require that a counter be represented in the prefix by one or more placeholder characters. No counter number is printed if placeholder characters are missing. Since the various supported scanners have different placeholder characters, you must type placeholders in the Prefix box yourself, if your scanner requires them. If your scanner’s manufacturer is listed below, click the link to find out about placeholders.

Note that the information applies only to scanning with ISIS or ISIS-compatible drivers, and that these placeholders are not tested by ReadSoft. This information was gathered from the scanner manufacturers and provided here for your convenience only.