Kodak (ATP) scanner settings when used with Kofax

For introductory information, please see Advanced scanner settings: Kofax settings.

Save image address When this option is selected, Scan saves the image addresses from Kodak scanners in tag no. 269.

Some Kodak scanners allow you to set the Address string. This is optional. Type a string that includes these four fields:

  • Fixed field: Alphanumeric.
  • Field C: Numeric only.
  • Field B: Numeric only.
  • Field A: Numeric only.

The fields are separated by a period. The length of each field can vary, and a field can be empty, but the maximum length of the string is 15 characters (12 alphanumeric characters plus 3 delimiters). Fields C and B correspond to the address levels in Kodak scanners.

Examples of valid address strings:

  • 98PX.02.000.000
  • 98PO.001
Enhance image Select this option to activate image enhancement. Then choose the type of image enhancement you prefer. The options are: Remove screen image, Enhance text image, Enhance line image.

Remove screen image enhances images that contain halftone screens, were produced on a dot matrix printer, or were faxed. This reduces background noise, creating a cleaner image.

Remove noise Select this option to remove noise automatically. Then choose one of the noise filters. The options are: Lone pixel, Majority rule.