Two-sided invoices: Overview

Some invoices or appendices have information printed on the back of one or more pages. These are referred to as two-sided invoices.

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices can capture single item fields on all pages (front side only).

Normal line item fields can be captured on both sides (front and back) of all pages. To do this, use the ConvertAllBackPagesToFrontPagesInTheseJobs setting in the [Options] section of Eiglobal.ini. Please see the INI Files help for more information.

Processing two-sided invoices

To process invoices and appendices that have information printed on the back of the pages:

  1. In the Scanner settings dialog, select the setting for two-sided scanning. Your scanner has to allow two-sided scanning.
  2. In the Pages settings of the Scan job description, specify that you want the images of the back pages to be scanned.
  3. Optional: In the standard transaction, include the number of front and back pages that were saved.In the transaction description, insert the system variables that correspond to the data you want to include.
  4. If you want to capture line items on both sides of all invoices pages, use the ConvertAllBackPagesToFrontPagesInTheseJobs setting to list the job descriptions that include those invoices.
    Note If you do this, and the Occurrence setting for a single item field is set to Last page, the field is also captured on both sides of the last invoice page.